First Home Buyer Club

Attention First Home Buyers Why renting a home is doing more damage that you know... Everyone hates paying Dead Rent, House inspections, Instability in the house hold, Having to fix minor repairs and add improvements to your rental property. You get no appreciation for doing anything and continue to make only one person rich... Your Landlord! Are you aware of the studies that have been conducted in relation to the psychological effects on children that renting and moving house has on them???? I hope that I instill the confidence in you to take the first steps to home ownership. When I say first steps I am referring to increasing your knowledge. I want to show you that it is possible for a first time home buyer to purchase with as little as $7,000. My personal decision to own was a scary one. I was unsure about my job and if Brisbane was the right place for me. I made the decision to buy as I have always been of the opinion that buying a home is a good investment. I found since owning that I have been able to do so many more things that my friends that are renting. Last year I bought a puppy which has bought me so much joy and have been the best thing I ever have done. Daphni can put a smile on my face even when I'm in the worst of moods as soon as I walk through the door and she wags her tail. I have mounted my tv on the wall and pictures throughout from overseas travels. It's a great reminder of where I have been and what I have achieved. I recently had the house valued and have seen significant growth and will continue to see more over the following couple of years. It's good to know that I am making money unlike my friends that have bought fancy cars and boats. This is all possible through the secrets that I discovered and am now sharing with others. I wanted to understand how could the I make a difference and then it happeded. With purchasing a new home you are entitled to the great start grant which is not available for established homes. Mortgage brokers also help to present you in a far better light than that of the banking system. They show the banks your savings history through rental history and let the bank know you are a good choice for finance. The banks are set by old fashioned rules and have no creative ideas to help.. More to the point they don't want to help! Preparing yourself for finance prior to finding the house has some great advantages including reducing your interest rate and start up costs. I can guarantee that you will be walked through this whole process and it is a very simple one when following our steps and listening to our secrets. You will not feel pressured through-out the entire process. Through financial advice and hearing exactly what you need you will be matched with your perfect house (inside of your capabilities) and something that you feel proud to own. I also guarantee that at any point during the planning stage that should you choose to withdraw that no fee will be charged and any money securing a home will be refunded in full. I urge you to download the free report "7 Secrets to Guarantee Home Ownership at Warp Speed" valued at $47 from: As their is limited availabilities for the First Home Buyer Strategy Session your best option is to download the report and call Clayton on: (07) 31 777 647 to secure your spot. Alternatively you can pm me through this page however, You may be too late and put on the waiting list. Clayton Tierney First Home Buyer Club P.S Don't forget that the First Home Buyer Strategy Session is the fastest way to guarantee home ownership and also helps set a plan should you not be ready now. Its at no cost to you and valued at $297.