F45 Training Sandgate

F45 Sandgate brings you world class functional training in a studio that is unlike anything else you've seen or tried! * High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is accepted as the best way to burn fat, build muscle and get fit - expect to burn anywhere up to 800 calories * We combine cardio, agility, core and resistance training in each training session - you WILL get results, and fast * Each session has 2 world class trainers who bring a diverse range of strength, conditioning, bodybuilding and nutrition experience - it like a PT session but better * All workouts are designed by Luke Istomin (celebrity trainer to the stars, including Hugh Jackman) and 4-person athletic department * No workout is ever the same - we keep your body guessing, keep the training interesting and avoid plateaus * F45 is suitable for both men & women of all ages & varying fitness levels * Our sessions run in a Group Training Circuit - working in a team keeps you motivated & you can workout with friends Please feel free to call Dan on 0431 752 952 anytime or email sandgate@f45training.com.au for more info