The Ultimate Luxury, 100% Natural Skincare - EVOHE lets you be the real you! “EVOHE is built upon sustainable, cruelty-free lifestyle choices that Meg Baz have the power to change the world”. Meg Forrester, EVOHE Co-Founder & Natural Skin Care Pioneer EVOHE is a revolution in 100% natural, luxurious, organic skin care. Conceived in the hills of Northern NSW by husband and wife team, Meg and Barry Forrester, EVOHE embodies a new generation of business owners – those committed to transforming the beauty industry through innovation, not compromise. EVOHE began as a grand vision, imagined without limitations. At Barry’s urging, Meg sequestered herself in their spare room, with the aim of designing the world’s most opulent, natural skin care range. Armed with an innovative spirit and ardent desire to be the change she wanted to see in the beauty industry, Meg designed a lavishly indulgent skin care range, using the most potent and rarefied botanical extracts. Barry, an organic chef, encouraged Meg to take her formulations even further. Inspired by his uncompromising passion for ingredients of exemplary quality, Meg scoured the globe for pristine environments where the purest and most prized antioxidants, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Naturopathic Herbs, and skin-restoring actives could be found. “If EVOHE’s decisions had all been financial, instead of personal, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Not only does every product possess incredible purity and efficacy, they offer an indulgent experience and afford us and our much-loved customers, the luxury of radiant skin and a clean conscience.” – Meg Forrester EVOHE soon blossomed like a desert flower in the summer rain. Quickly outgrowing their humble home office, EVOHE expanded into a 100 sq ft warehouse. Demand continued to soar, necessitating another move, this time to EVOHE’s flagship, 500 sq ft beachside headquarters. Located in Miami on Queensland’s stunning Gold Coast, EVOHE HQ houses production, despatch, office and management functions. Nearby, one of Queensland’s leading ISO-accredited laboratories tests all EVOHE products, guaranteeing their purity and ensuring your peace of mind when using them on even the most sensitive skin. EVOHE has pioneered the concept of sustainable luxury in beauty, with a determination never to compromise. The result is a skin care range without parallel, one that is now globally recognised – from Japan to Europe, Australasia and the USA – as the benchmark in 100% natural, exclusive and sustainable skincare. With EVOHE, beautiful skin doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. What’s in a name? ‘EVOHE’ (pronounced E-VO-EE) is a Greek word of Ancient Egyptian origin, meaning ‘Celebration of Life’. ‘EVOHE’ embodies our belief that we are not separate to our environment, but intrinsically connected – an equal component of the biosphere. As such, the name EVOHE acts as a guiding principle and serves as a daily reminder for us, to respect and promote the balance between man, woman and earth. The EVOHE logo supports this concept of ‘oneness’, depicting Ouroboros – the circular snake. As one of the most ancient symbols on earth, the Ouroboros represents the eternal cycle of renewal and our desire to create indulgent, sustainable skin care. ‘EVOHE’ epitomises the groundbreaking feats that are possible when two or more people of like mind, join together and dedicate themselves to creating a tomorrow more beautiful and radiant than today. What EVOHE Believes • We believe that nature knows best. • We believe in using 100% natural, organic ingredients, of the highest quality. • We believe that our biosphere should not be compromised by any human endeavour – especially the quest for beautiful skin. • We believe in practicing and supporting ethical, sustainable and fair trade business methods. • We believe in unwavering honesty – with ourselves and others. • We believe individuals, making conscious, informed choices, can change the world. • We believe in creating innovative products, powerful enough to have multiple applications. • We believe in pioneering new, compassionate ways of operating in the beauty industry. • We believe in letting our products speak for themselves. • We believe your skin is ready to have its luminous potential revealed! The True Cost Of Beautiful Skin Today, most skin care brands hide the true toll their products are having on the environment, fauna, laboratory animals and your family’s long term health. At EVOHE however, we’re passionate about being transparent and honest about what we do, so you can make informed choices. Rather than focus on the ‘ugly’ side of the beauty industry, we use it to fuel our passion for positive change. Our supporters – the new wave of ‘compassionate consumers’ – are becoming increasingly savvy to the true environmental, social and health costs of mainstream beauty brands – and are looking for viable, luxurious alternatives. The world now wants powerful, innovative natural skin care – not empty promises. Consumers are tired of airbrushed marketing campaigns and endless lists of unpronounceable chemical ingredients. Finally there is an exciting, indulgent alternative in EVOHE, where the philosophy of ‘sustainable luxury’ guides everything we do. At every stage of EVOHE’s evolution, we have steadfastly held to our values. Many times, it would have been easier to go with a cheaper, less effective ingredient. Even when faced with seemingly no option but to compromise, we’ve resolutely held our ground. In the process, we’ve discovered groundbreaking ways to create more efficacious, kinder skincare. When you use EVOHE, you know unequivocally, that the true cost of your beautiful, glowing skin, really does begin and end with the price tag. Amazing feats of formulation We have used creativity and passion to uncover luxurious, sustainable alternatives to palm oil (and its by-product glycerine), the cultivation of which is forcing orangutans to the brink of extinction and orphaning their tiny babies. We also vehemently avoid cheap, unnecessary and harmful ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, animal derivatives and synthetic preservatives. “When we began EVOHE, we didn’t want to conform with what every other skin care brand was doing. We observed practices that weren’t ethical. Tricks of the trade that meant you could avoid declaring preservatives, for example. Underhanded methods that the consumer would never know about – but we would”. – Barry Forrester, Evohe Co-Founder Instead, we have pioneered our own exclusive, natural methods of preservation, to ensure each product’s potent active properties. Instead of synthetic preservatives, we use an extract from the bark of sustainably sourced, New Zealand Totara trees – a non-irritating, yet powerful natural preservative. It’s this uncompromising commitment to 100% natural, safe and intensely effective ingredients, that sets EVOHE apart in the beauty industry. Our loyal fans will emphatically report that EVOHE products work and are noticeably more effective than their synthetic counterparts – even in redressing extreme skin imbalances like acne, eczema, psoriasis. Whereas other skin care attempts to mimic the potency of nature, Evohe simply goes straight to the source. Partnering with those of like mind It’s important to us that you trust everything about EVOHE – including those we collaborate with. So, for every extract, raw material and essence that goes into an EVOHE product, we conduct an extensive supplier audit, ensuring their ethics, sourcing methods and day-to-day actions in business are aligned with the EVOHE Conscious Living Checklist. We have abandoned many opportunities that made ‘good business sense’ on paper, for collaborators and suppliers whose main concern was the bigger picture (sustainable, cruelty-free practices) – NOT just the bottom line. “I didn’t want being in business to mean that I had to compromise my ethics as a human being. Fortunately now surrounded by the highest calibre of suppliers, we lovingly put our products out into the world with a clear conscience, so you can keep one too.” – Meg Forrester