It all started with our love for adventure, for the great outdoors and all the beautiful wonders this planet blessed upon us! To be surrounded by Mother Nature's best views, to hike on challenging paths, to reach the greatest heights, to sleep beneath the open sky, to feel that the world is our oyster, this is our happy place! Naturally, that meant we also found out first hand how hard it is to find nice, decent gear for our outdoor escapades! After countless years and many unfruitful purchases , where we would be happy like a child, giddy to test our equipment, only to suffer utter disappointment when they would fail us, we said ENOUGH! If you want something exceptionally done, do it yourself! That is how EVOCREST was born, from the desire to have an outstanding adventure-time equipment! We started off with our Evocrest Trekkig Poles, out of our relentless passion for hiking and the need to have a trustworthy sidekick to lean on, literally! To us, EVOCREST is not only about having a great outdoor experience with your friends, it's a way of living and thinking, challenging yourself to the greatest heights, be it physically or mentally!