Essential Life Balance with Kirsten Thrush

Welcome to Essential Life Balance with Kirsten Thrush Hi I am Kirsten Thrush. I am a mum to two beautiful children, a wife to an amazing husband. I am here to empower you to attain more balance in your life. I am also here to help you to attain time freedom and financial freedom. By this I mean the ability to spend your time as you wish, to spend your money where you wish and to not be tied to a 9 to 5 job. The vehicle I choose to use are DoTERRA essential oils. These oils are a great addition to our tools to use to obtain balance in our lives, whether that be better health, reduced stress, increased sleep, balanced emotions. Everyone benefits from DoTERRA, these oils transform lives. DoTERRA's fabulous compensation plan rewards those who are willing to put in the work. It rewards those who life and support others. By starting your journey with me you will get my unwavering support, love and training you need to be everything you were meant to be and the ability to reclaim your time and money. Join me for a life of balance.