Ernest Logoleo

Just a few weeks ago I began my Journey as a Aspiring Digital Entrepreneur. I always had this feeling of wanting more and doing more than what i was capable of doing. I concluded that Businesses were gravitating towards the Online World and I knew I had to take jump on before it was too late. I began to connect with like minded people, attended bootcamps, seminars and NETWORK like crazy. I hired a coach and followed the training and steps. I was able to make a significant mindset shift and my vision for the future is clearer. Today I declare to Help as many people reach their dream and live life to the fullest. My experience gave me the confidence to get uncomfortable, conquer my fears, knock down barriers, overcame the impossible and most important have build a solid foundation through FAITH that no matter what stands in my WAY there is always a solution. I have failed miserably in other ventures and business opportunities in the past. Each failure led me closer to my success. Theres a saying that goes “ The faster you fail, the quicker you will succeed”. I remember 15 years ago pushing a broom in Home Depot at 5am and saying to myself “I Didn’t waste 4 years of my life to earn a College degree to end up pushing a broom” I always knew there was more out there for me. 10 years ago i secured a well paying job as a LAW Enforcement Officer. I remember hearing my co-workers say “ This job will not make you rich, but you will have job security”. I was passionate about my LEO career, I helped young people make sound decisions and effect change in their lives. One day I was involved in a shooting incident where my life flashed right in front of me. I knew then i had to find an alternative. Today I am committed to Creating a Legacy for me and my family Whatever you decide to invest in, Don't Sell Yourself Short and Never Give Up Easily