Empire Boxing Davao- Ecoland

Empire Boxing Davao Gym is the premiere destination for those who want to stay fit, get lean while all the while exploring the rudiments of the sweet science. Boxing, Muay Thai or MMA Enthusiasts of all levels are welcome, as our top caliber trainers are well equipped to handle beginners, tournament competitors and professionals. We don’t leave you hanging. Our one-on-one sessions will bring out the fighter in you, as you hone your skills with the finest equipment in a great atmosphere. We have individualized Boxing, Muay Thai, Basscon Total Body Conditioning routines for those who want to lose weight, done right is a proven way to drop those pounds, stone, or kilos (we welcome the international crowd!). While bearing low impact on the knees, the sport offers unperceived exertion because of the fun factor. For those who want to explore further into the art, we commit ourselves to instructing you the best way we can, by creating solid fundamentals to develop mad skills! We offer a holistic approach to getting you in the game, and we don’t cut corners. Nutrition, core focus, conditioning, and other classes in the very near future are all part of an effort to give the finest to boxing’s biggest superstar: You. Empire Boxing Davao Gym has raised the bar. We’re not just boxing. We are an experience.