Emma Murphy

My name is Emma Murphy I am a mum to my 2 beautiful children Xavier and Arabella. I'm a regular mum from Dublin Ireland. in 2015 I posted a video to my social media, a video where I was siting on my stairs with a black eye and a broken heart. I was in a very vulnerable and lost place, I shared my story not just with one person but with the world, I never thought in a million years this one video would go viral? well it did, why?? because my simple message is STRONG and RELEVANT, domestic violence, abuse is so common worldwide, but to date it is still swept under the carpet... WHY? Is it our government's allowing it to be? is it the justice system telling us its OK?? Well as a young (ish) mother of 2 I did not accept it anymore, I took a stand, as difficult as it was, I knew deep down I had to do this, I needed a way out, and social media was my way out. Putting yourself out there for the world to see with a black eye is terrifying, crying, weeping...... it's not exactly how anyone would like to be remembered? At that time I didn't care, all I wanted was happiness again, to smile, to be appreciated, to be loved and I knew by walking away I could have all that again. A few years on and my life is very different to how it was back then, I still get very down in t he sums and I struggle at the best of times, but one thing that keeps me going is my desire and strive to be happy again, to be secure. I strive everyday to give my kids the best I can and I will continue to do that. I have worked massively on my mental health over the last couple of years, I dragged myself out of bed and I took small steps to become a better ME. I will continue to share my message and I will continue to inspire the younger generation and encourage them to make a change, not accept violence, to beware, look out for the signs and to use their VOICE. I repaired my mind, body and soul and I did it all trough fitness, I found an escape route and it was through fitness, I trained most days purely just o clear my mind of any negativity... I loved it, intact I loved it so much I decided to go back to college and train to become a personal trainer and fitness instructor and I am thrilled to say I am now fully qualified. Living a better lifestyle can change our lives, trust me I'm living proof, without fitness I would probably still be depressed a and looking for a way out. Im excited to share my full experience with you through my online programs, which is designed to help you reach your own personal goals. "live life to the full" if an opportunity knocks open that door, when is the right time to change your life? is it now or later? Subscribe to my blog below to receive my contact directly to your mail www.emmamurphy.me