Emin and Mila's Canteen

Founded in 1978 by Herminio and Milagros Manalo, Emin and Mila's Canteen started as a small eatery in Brgy.Pinagsanjan with their Family owned recipe of Pancit and Filipino dishes such as Lechon Paksiw,Dinuguan,Kilawin,Paksiw na Pata and Kaldereta. It is famous to the Pagsanjeños because of the affordable price and delicious dishes. After the lost of Mr Emin and Mila the legacy was continued by their children namely Zenen,Regan,Zenith,Regie and Rhea. Thay helped each other to maintain the business and introduced the Pansit and their specialties to the next generation of Pagsanjeños. Managed by Mr. Zenen Manalo they opened a branch in JP Rizal Street near the Pagsanjan Town Plaza in year 2008. Creating and introducing new dishes and innovations in business strategy and advertising makes the business known in nearby towns, Manila and even abroad. They sponsor different events in Laguna and offer catering services for any occasions. Zenen Manalo stands as the General Manager in which he make sure that good quality remains and service is sub par while Zenith and Regan manages the branch in Pinagsanjan and J.P. Rizal respectively. The family helped each other together with their children in managing and maintaining the business main goal: To cater good quality and delicious dishes at a very affordable price. Emin and Mila's Canteen invites you to drop by in our restaurant and taste the Pagsanjan's Original Pancit and great Filipino dishes.