Embraced Mama- Healthy Fit Happy

What is Embraced Mama all about? It is..... A wholehearted approach to learning to love YOU & embracing imperfections while still being able to work on becoming a better version. A wholehearted approach to Movement because exercise should be a celebration of movement not a form of punishment. And a wholehearted approach on how to let go of who we & society think we should be in order to become our true self and let her shine. Join a community of women who are compassionate and empathetic to each other and our individual journeys. My why.. I wanted to create something tangible that inspires mother's out there to love on themselves more and build a resilience to society pressure or pehaps the pressure we put on our selves about who we think we are supposed to be, "the perfect mother", doing everything for everyone, doing everything perfectly and never let anyone see you struggling. And not to mention the pressure we feel by socially constructed ideas of beauty and when we don't meet up to this we feel shame and guilt, it doesn't have to be this way!! I want "The Embraced Mum" to inspire mother’s to embrace and love on themselves while still being able to work on becoming a fitter, healthier & happier mama. This is my mission & passion What do we offer? Personal training. -1:1 personal coaching Semi private Embraced mama sessions. -Small group training for mother's. Online Reclaim program **coming soon** -For mother's who are sick of feeling weighed down by injury or confusion on what they can do to RE-claim their bodies after children. Online & in-person coaching sessions. -Working on nourishing nutrition strategies, be-spoke movement programs and Mindset coaching. Positivity Consulting. -Positivity Parties, like Tupperware but for your soul. -Positive Insite Mind event workshops. Message us now, we'd love to hear from you! Elisa xx