Elysia Hartzell Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Mentor

What is ThetaHealing? Called “An attainable miracle for your life,” it is a spiritual/energy healing technique in which I use the theta brain wave state to connect to Source/God, and from there connect to your energy field. In this space it is possible to have true healing, including clearing negative subconscious beliefs that keep us stuck in fear, unhappiness, depression, anxiety and lack and prevent us from living the life of joyfulness and peace that is our true birthright. What is Whole Person Coaching? Whole Person Coaching recognizes the interrelatedness of all aspects of our lives. I hold a safe space in which together we will explore your goals, values, resources, visions, beliefs, capabilities, social and self identity. I will help you discover and access your unique talents, passions and sense of purpose in order to manifest holistic wholeness, personal fulfillment and life success.