Elicia Crook - Business Coaching for Massage Therapists

Hi I’m Elicia, I work with Remedial Massage Therapists run a successful massage business. Its like coaching but industry specific to Massage. I have had 14 years’ experience running my massage business I know firsthand what it takes to get up every day and treat clients and the sinking feeling when you look into next weeks bookings and see it’s going to be lean. What I have noticed the 3 major problems most therapists face are • Not enough clients • Not enough experience with business • Not understanding the regulatory obligations that most therapists face. I believe that while Remedial Massage has come along way in the last 20 years, we are only just at the beginning of seeing the entire industry be thrust into the spotlight, as the baby boomer generation ages and Allied Health becomes the next trillion dollar industry. Now is the time for a new generation of entrepreneurs to carry the flame into the future. So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed with running a successful remedial massage business – just like I was, why reinvent the wheel. Lets have a no obligation chat to see if we can get really clear on your business to help more people Experience Exceptional Health through Massage Therapy