EC Gas

EC Gas is the newest in LPG safety technology in the Philippines! These EC Gas Composite cylinders are made up of seamless polymer, fibreglass and HDPE, these cylinders are the only 100% explosion proof LPG cylinders in the Philippines! 70% Lighter than conventional old steel tanks, translucent wherein you can see the LPG content, corrosion proof and easy to carry! join us and be part of the LPG revolution! Making our homes, a lot safer. Email us today! or call us at 817-6445 Approved in more than 40 countries, millions in circulation, 70% of Scandinavian countries have already switched to composite cylinders over the old, heavy and dangerous steel tanks! EC Gas cylinders meets the highest standards and are certified in the following: EN12245 EN 14427 ISO 11119-3 USA DOT –SP – 12706 Canada TC-SU-5931 LPG is the 3rd main cause of fire in the Philippines, with over a hundred cases each year! It is time to move forward and go to the safer option, EC Gas! Franchise an outlet now! or call us at 817-6445 For first time clients, we do have a refundable initial deposit of Php 4,500 which includes: 1 EC Gas fiberglass explosion proof LPG made in Norway 1 Auto shut off safety Regulator made in Germany 1 LPG hose 2 Clamps Installation Delivery Certificate of Deposit wherein you can return the Cylinder together with this one to avail of our refund.