Empowering a Billion Women by 2020

EBW2020 (Empowering a Billion Women by 2020) was founded by Ingrid Vanderveldt out of her first hand experience realizing how difficult it was to start and grow a successful company of her own. The genesis of EBW2020 was formed out of providing women entrepreneurs and leaders the tools Ingrid herself wished she had had. In doing this, EBW2020 created a pay it forward culture and approach to business. EBW2020's core offering is an online platform that women can access through a ONE CLUB membership that combines education, technology, and networks. The goal is for these resources to help our members build their businesses from the inside out and have more women owned business surpass the 1M mark. The hallmark programs are Inside the Boardroom, Soul Proprietor and Intelligent Business. What drives the work EBW does is our focus on the greater purpose of creating a global sustainable future through the empowerment of women. EBW2020 created a 501c3 foundation that is funded through the success of the EBW2020 platform. This foundation ensures we can reach more women through contributions and grant awards to partner organizations that share our purpose.