Easy Baby Travelers

As a first time mom I struggled with all the “stuff” that my little one needs for a simple trip to meet my friends for lunch. If the restaurant was not equipped to handle my son’s entire stroller I would then have to carry his large and bulky diaper bag and purse in one arm and my son in his baby-carrier in the other. The anxiety with holding all of this and trying to get the door open to the establishment always left me anxious. By the end of the lunch I usually only utilized one thing out of my disorganized diaper bag but knew it was a necessity to have the entire bag on the road with me. After two weeks in mommyhood enough was enough. Initially I created the easy baby system in order to find things in a flash for when my son needed it and found its purpose had gone to a whole new level. My husband and I were finding that as we would go out to lunch or over to a friend’s house we would say to each other “which bag will he need” rather than lug the entire diaper bag. We would only grab what was needed for that time and leave the rest in the car. The compartmentalized bags have been both convenient for organization as well as helping new and veteran mommies only take what would be a necessity for that time. It is our simple solution. It’s Easy Baby.