Two Broke Founders – April 2015: Whilst in India, Danny came across incredibly talented craftsmen and families, who were competing against sweatshops and fast-fashion factories. Convinced he needed to do something, Danny called Kai and the two agreed to spend their savings on buying 100 bags, handmade by those local craftsmen. Duffle & Co. was born. The Worst Distribution System in the World - September 2015: The Duffle & Co. website was live, but the well-oiled distribution process that’s now in place had not yet been figured out. Instead, the initial 100 bags resided underneath Danny’s bed and fulfilment of orders would be carried out by Danny driving 10 minutes to the local post office and putting the order in the mail. The fulfilment facility soon changed home to Kai’s laundry as demand grew, later moving to a friend’s garage before finally getting its own home. Duffle & Co. Takes Off - April - November 2016: With sales going well, Duffle & Co. expanded to other regions, finding suppliers in Bali and Nepal. This opened up options for materials that could be used, such as hemp and bamboo, allowing Duffle & Co.’s products to not only benefit the people making them, but be better for the planet too. Duffle & Co. started working with large corporations to enable them to have a more positive impact when purchasing their branded merchandise and gifts. The Journey Continues - Now: With a continuously growing team of staff and suppliers, Duffle & Co. is now able to have a greater impact than ever. Every day Duffle & Co. gets a little bit closer to creating a world where making products that support people and nature is the expectation not the exception.