Dr. Stephanie Mayer

Welcome! I am dedicating this page to helping moms live pain free so they can participate in any level of fitness they choose. So who am I? I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Nutrition Coach and Specialize in Helping Active Moms Return to Fitness Pain Free. I help moms realize they do not have to live with back or hip pain any longer. They do not have to limit their fitness or just "live with the pain." There is a reason you have pain and it's not because you are "getting old." And your pain can be fixed. You can participate in any level of fitness you choose and stay as active as you want PAIN FREE forever! I started this journey like you. I was a marathon runner and a self proclaimed "gym rat." I loved running. I loved kickboxing. I loved heavy lifting. I loved everything that was a challenge. The problem is my body didn't love it and it let me know. For years I was limited with hip pain. And in fact I had surgery on my hip for a labral tear with no relief of my pain. I thought I would just have to live like this forever. And it's not like I sat around. I still worked out but I still had pain. I would wake up with a very stiff hip that I would have to stretch before getting out of bed. I would foam roll my hip and get massages consistently just to help relieve the pain. I blamed it on all the pounding my body went through with running. I was wrong! By restoring my body, mainly my pelvic floor, I was able to heal my hip. I realized my issues stemmed from a tight pelvic floor, decreased mid-back movement and a few other things I can share with you. If you are like me and living with pain you think you have to just "deal with" forever join my FREE 4 day Fit For Life Series: https://www.drstephaniemayer.com/p/fitnessforlife I will explain how to decrease your pain today to participate in any level of fitness you choose and stay active and pain free forever. Make sure to join the FREE 4 day Fit For Life Series Today! https://www.drstephaniemayer.com/p/fitnessforlife