Dr. Stephanie Mayer

Welcome! I am dedicating this page to helping women with their nutrition and fitness in a simple and easy way! I believe that the health and wellness of our families all stems from us! We as mom's influence what the rest of our families eat and how active they are. I will be providing quick workouts (targetting our problem areas), nutrition and fitness tips and easy, fast and healthy meal and snack options! So who am I? I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Nutrition Coach and Women's Health and Fitness Expert. And what I think is even more important is I am also in it with you! I have 2 young kids who I want to be a good example for! Together we can raise happy and healthy families! Another one of my other passions is educating women. One of the things I have found most women are not aware of is called a diastasis recti. And what that is, is a separating of the abdominal muscles which prevents you from LOSING YOUR MOMMY BELLY! For more info on this click here https://www.drstephaniemayer.com/p/ultimatewoman Also when it comes to nutrition women don't realize they can not follow the same program as a man. In order to get results and finally lose weight, increase energy and decrease stress we need to eat according to our hormones. To learn more about how your hormones effect everything your body does watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcMnQJp-NY0