Dr. Squatch

Our Story It all started with a simple gander at the ingredients in store bought soap. This invoked a whole string of uncertainties and questions. What the heck is this stuff they’re putting in here? Is it too much to ask to be able to pronounce the things we put on our body? Thus Sasquatch Soap Co. was born. The idea was to create soap, specifically for men, that was simple and natural. Sasquatch was the perfect embodiment of this spirit. So we went out and formed it, a quality handcrafted soap bar made with carefully chosen ingredients that benefit you. We believe in transparency and trust in our relationships in business and life. We are a small, home grown company with a big vision to impact others in positive and educative ways. We truly value the good earth our ingredients come from and believe in experiencing and preserving it for years to come. Just like Sasquatch who roams vast lands, we too enjoy exploring and pursuing an active life. The wild forests, lakes, mountains, rivers, islands, and oceans are just as much a part of us as we are a part of them. We believe in sustainability and responsibility of Sasquatch Soap’s impact from the soil to the skin and back again. There are only 3 of us and we’re childhood friends and family. Growing up in the same neighborhood we dreamed, from our early days at swim practices all the way through our shared high school marketing classes, to someday make a difference through originality and creativity. As we grew and learned through other pursued life experiences we never let go of the dream. Today we firmly believe our dream lives, in Sasquatch Soap’s ability to let men unleash their inner man, in all the glory of everyday adventure, independence and freedom. Soap Making Process We knew our soaps had to be made with care and individuality so we chose to use the wholesome "Cold Process" method for our soap bars. Lye is mixed with water, our natural base oils, and butters. The lye forms with the oils during the process and causes the oils to "saponify" or harden over time. When the soap is completely cured, there is very little or no lye retained in the soap as it is removed during this process. Cold Process means that our bars are saponified without added heat and take about 4-6 weeks to harden and cure before the soap is ready for use. The bars are hand poured and hand cut in Indiana (where we grew up). All of our bars contain a base of oils that have been thoughtfully chosen by us to combine into a bar that is cleansing, moisturizing, and invigorating: (Olive, Coconut, Hemp, Soy, Shea Butter). In addition the bars may contain exfoliants such as oatmeal, peppermint leaves, or sea salt that give additional health benefits. One of the biggest benefits of our soap making process vs. conventional soap or body wash is that it is true soap and not detergent. This means that it is much better for your skin as it retains all of the vegetable glycerin that is often stripped in commercially made soaps to be used in other products such as moisturizers. Each of our main ingredients has individual moisturizing properties, but through experimentation and research we’ve formed a foundation in our soaps that work interdependently. Our ingredients complement each other and truly allow your skin to experience the natural moisturizing benefits throughout the day. From start to finish our soap has been carefully made with a precise natural element of cleanliness in mind.