Dream Leaf

Dream Leaf is an herbal supplement composed of several simple ingredients that can be found at any local health food store. Our synergistic formula successfully increases consciousness during dream sleep by activating the neurotransmitters involved in memory and self awareness. In a nut shell, our supplement helps procure lucid dreams. It's intended for lucid dream enthusiasts specifically, but anyone with an interest in dreaming may find it fascinating. How it works: There are two parts to Dream Leaf - a blue pill and a red pill. The blue pill promotes balanced sleep by supressing REM sleep for the first four hours of the night. This in turn causes what's called the REM rebound effect, which basically makes your dreams incredibly vivid, and much longer. This alone can sometimes cause lucid dreaming, but works best when combined with... … the red pill, which is taken in the middle of the night, after four hours of sleep. This pill contains several ingredients, which keeps you in tact with your memory bank. Importantly it contains Huperzine A which acts as an acetylcholine esterase inhibitor, which basically makes it so you don't lose access to your memories during your dreams. Lucidity can often be achieved when taking this supplement. Our website is luciddreamleaf.com