Dom's Kitchen

Hi and welcome! I'm Claire Deeks the blogger behind Dom's Kitchen and mum to little Chef Dominic. I’m passionate about living a happy healthy life and helping other families to do the same. What’s Dom’s Kitchen all about? Dom’s Kitchen is all about helping parents create happier, healthier families - with a focus on food but not just about food - and keeping it real about the ups and downs this involves. So real food, real talk and real life - online and off. I know authenticity is a bit of a buzz word these days. But "authentic real life" is the best way I can think of to describe what I want most for Dom's Kitchen. I am often in angst on this subject as there is the conundrum of how much to share online especially with a young child so there's always going to be some things held back. But you can be assured that what we do share with you is authentic real life. If you’re like most of our readers you’re a busy mum or dad wondering how the heck you can get your kids eating more real food without the meltdowns. You want to be happy and healthy and you want your children to be happy and healthy too. Plus you suspect or believe that the food they’re eating is having a significant impact on their wellbeing but you know it's not all about the food. If this sounds like you then welcome - come and join us!