Do Hard Money

Do Hard Money is a hard money lender that provides short term funding to real estate investors. We do this based on the equity in the property rather than the qualification of the borrower. We want our investors to make money and we want to lend on deals were we know that will happen. If an investor finds a good property that has value we fund that property. Most of our clients rehab and retail the property for resale. Some of our client's just resale the property once they close on it to another investor or retail buyer and some refinance the property and keep them long term. We are known for providing 100% financing to purchase a property and do not require any monthly payments for the initial term of the loan. Do Hard Money was designed by real estate investors for real estate investors. With all of that said, we are really the last of the true hard money lenders, lending solely on the value of the property rather than the strength of the borrower.