Ty the Dog Guy

Ty Brown, Celebrity Dog Trainer http://TytheDogGuy.com Welcome. Thanks for coming to my facebook page. My name is Ty Brown. I have been involved with dogs and dog training since I was 14 years old. I had begged my parents for years to get a dog. I was placated (unsuccessfully) with other pets like rabbits, fish, and cats. I was finally allowed to get a dog. We adopted our first dog ‘Heidi’ when I was fourteen. I immediately went to the library and devoured every dog training book they had available. It was tough. Every book disagreed with the others and the authors didn’t do a great job explaining the ‘why’ behind training each behavior. The typical dog training book would give basic mechanical directions to dog training but wouldn’t delve into dog behavior which would explain why the dog would commit the improper behavior in the first place and why the proposed solution would work. I labored hard and got few results. Around this time I wanted to get more experience working with animals. Veterinary offices and kennels wouldn’t hire me because I was only fourteen. I ran across a dog trainer in the local classifieds and gave him a call. This dog trainer felt the desire to help me out. He, too, had received the kind help of dog training professionals at a young age. Lucky for me he was an amazing trainer who was able to achieve incredible results with every dog he touched. He trained me well and soon would allow me to handle some of his group obedience training. It was an amazing feeling to lead a group of adults at the age of fifteen. I continued working with dogs from that time on. I spent the last several years working with high level executive protection dogs. These are dogs that are trained to not only be wonderful family pets, but potent guardians if called upon. These dogs I trained literally had the highest training available anywhere in the world. They were trained in on and off leash obedience, trained for perfect manners, trained to show aggression on command, bite on command, protect an imaginary perimeter around their handler, protect a valuable object such as a briefcase, search a home for an intruder, remain with a child and show aggression to strangers in order to fend off a possible kidnapping, and many more functions. This was incredibly rewarding training and was in high demand. I personally traveled the world training these dogs. I have trained everywhere from California to Canada. From South Carolina to Spain. All in all I have been commissioned to train dogs in 18 states in the U.S. and 4 other countries worldwide. I trained dogs for NBA players, NFL players, professional golfers, singers, wrestlers, CEO’s, governors, billionaires, and entrepreneurs. These high profile dog owners have spent tens of thousands of dollars on these high trained dogs and count them as some of their best investments. I currently own and operate CommuniCanine Inc. one of Utah’s premiere dog training companies where I assist owners in learning how to communicate properly with their dogs. Through all of my training I have come to the realization that there is not enough information out there for the average dog owner to tackle dog behavior problems and obedience train their own dogs in their homes. Together with other dog training professionals and friends I have designed this website with the sole purpose of bringing the best and finest dog training resources available anywhere. Good luck and good training.