Doc's Outdoors

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most fresh, high-quality and preservative free deer urine product so you can be successful in your hunts. We care about your hunting experience and want to develop and maintain your trust in our products. Our farm was established in 1995. All of the deer are free roaming on 30 arces of large, well-maintained, wooded pens where they eat, nibble and browse on real acorns, oak leaves and other natural deer foods. In the winter, we supplement with corn. We want to ensure that our herd is kept calm and stress-free so unwanted hormones are not found in the bottled urine, because it could cost you your trophy buck! DOC'S Deer Scents has the largest and most technologically advanced Urine Scent Collection/Production Facility in the world today. The facility uses stainless materials and is temperature controlled to reduce bacteria buildup and ensure 100% pure and fresh urine in every bottle. We are proud to have our own deer herd and collection facilities, and we DO NOT outsource our deer urines as many of the commercially produced urine companies do. DOC'S Two Deer in One Stall and One Bottle technique gives you the DOC'S "Double Doe" guarantee to double the smell, double the attraction and double your chances. All of the liquid urine we collect and bottle are preservative free to ensure that our customers receive the freshest urine products. At DOC'S, we offer a BUY BACK guarantee for all of our fresh deer urines from DEALERS ONLY at the end of each season. We want to ensure that you, our customers, receive the freshest urine available every time you purchase DOC'S products. We offer a full line of hunting products to meet your needs: Aerosols Attractants Cover Scents Liquid Urines (Deer and Elk) Scent Elimination