Drum and Bass / Jungle found its beginnings circumventing the established mainstream bureaucracy found in the music business. Supporting itself, the genre broke through and became a serious movement. In the start-up world, people refer to this phenomenon as crowd-funding. tribe building. crowd-sourcing.. and it all also happened organically for the DNBRadio project.. run by a non-profit team of volunteers who have a love for the music. Just by building an automated solid infrastructure from the beginning DNBRadio runs almost completely autonomously letting its users, dj's, and admins control the content schedule. As early as 2003 the project has proven substantial possibilities for online independent broadcasters, even operating within a niche genre. DNBRadio DJS AND SHOWS: TankTopNYC - Fresh Baked Goods: www.facebook.com/TankTopNYC Parallel Motion - The RedEyeRecords.co.uk Drum & Bass Show: www.facebook.com/ParallelMotionDNB www.facebook.com/mark.parallelmotion | www.facebook.com/universaldrumz Pressure - Human Traffic: www.facebook.com/andy.presha | www.facebook.com/preshadnb | www.dnbsolja.com Blue_NINE.a - The Psiatic Nerve: www.facebook.com/psiaticnerve | www.facebook.com/matthew.b.lohse Geekcroft - DnB Chronicles: www.facebook.com/geekcroft DJ SHAPE - The Shape Of Things To Come: www.facebook.com/tonydjshape Emoczo - Bass Satisfaction: www.facebook.com/EMOCZO4you Johnny Mac - Boombox: www.facebook.com/johnnymc7 CRS - RandomFriday: www.facebook.com/christian.reehscheibelein | www.facebook.com/groups/randomfridaydnbradio/ MrKrotos - The LondonBeatz Radio Show: www.facebook.com/MrKrotos HA-ZB - The Weekend Remedy: www.facebook.com/pages/Ha-Zb/208356535846968?ref=ts&fref=ts - www.facebook.com/Hazbdj Ryu - Liquid Room Show: www.facebook.com/zjarek E-Roc - Soul R Eclipse Radio: www.facebook.com/djeroc | www.djeroc.com Flood - Sink or Swim: www.facebook.com/flooddnb | www.facebook.com/flood666 | www.elementsofbass.com Robot Hands - Darkwax Express / Elements of Bass Radio: www.facebook.com/robothandsdnb | www.facebook.com/robothandsdj DJ Ranton - Power Trippin: www.facebook.com/kirk.dolling | www.facebook.com/DJRanton Shivaxi - The Bi-Polar Sessions: http://facebook.com/shivaxi | http://shivaxi.com Mr. Zodiac - Liquid Bass: http://www.mrzodiac.be | https://facebook.com/djmrzodiac Me2You Crew - E-SCALATION: www.facebook.com/me2youcrew Skerce - Friday Beatz: www.facebook.com/skerce |www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-Skerce/116743846258 Disorder Crew - Disorderly Conduct Radio: http://facebook.com/disorder.crew.kc | http://www.disordercrew.com DJ FuZion - The Drum & Bass Review Show & Deceptive Audio: www.facebook.com/DeceptiveAudio | www.facebook.com/TheDnBReviewShow Fluid.Focus - Primitive Science Radio: www.Anthea-Level.com Flood - Sink or Swim www.facebook.com/flood666 Turbokru - Time Served: www.facebook.com/rapidmc Balistik and Guests - Assassin Sounds UK Show: www.facebook.com/stevebalistik.cosseypagetwo Southpaw - Divine Sessions: www.facebook.com/divineelementslive Wushu Sound - WushuCast: www.facebook.com/WushuSound Malware & MC Precision - Elements Of Bass: www.elementsofbass.com Crash - Counter Measures: www.crashish.net Shoebox and Ilya - Renegade Session: www.facebook.com/shoeboxdnb DocBrown - New Show: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Doc-Brown/352656231519502 Dip Vertigo - Electrical Impulse: www.facebook.com/dipvertigo DJ Spectrum - UKBassline Show www.ukbassline.co.uk Thread - The Unraveling: www.threadbox.net DJ Witness - Monday Night HAZE: www.facebook.com/WitnessDJ DJ Premium - Double Dub Digital Show: www.facebook.com/djpremiumdnb Machete & Guests - Respect DnB Radio: https://www.facebook.com/respectclub www.djmachete.com