Digital Yoga Academy

Welcome to the Digital Yoga Academy I’m Kelly McHugh and I’m so excited that you’re here to take your yoga teaching career to a new level! Most of the yoga teachers I know work extremely hard and are dedicated to helping their students become healthier and happier. They give a lot and what they receive back is not always the appropriate income and lifestyle they deserve. I believe life as a yoga teacher becomes a lot easier and even more rewarding when you know how to confidently and authentically put yourself out there online. I believe this because I’m a yoga teacher too and I understand the challenges that come with it. But I wasn’t always a yoga teacher…. I’ve spent the last 18 years becoming an expert in digital, marketing and events. I’ve worked in global businesses, agencies and start-ups across consumer goods, sport, technology and travel. A few years ago, I trained as a yoga teacher after almost ten years in the practice, began freelancing and launched Good Yoga Life, a London based yoga events company…and I’ve not looked back. Life is more balanced, I’m happier and I make a healthy living from teaching and hosting workshops and retreats. I’m passionate about sharing my expertise and understanding of yoga marketing to support you on your journey and show you how you too can live a more balanced and happier life doing what you love – teaching yoga. My passion for combining yoga and marketing brings us here – to the Digital Yoga Academy. I’ve developed and created courses that SHOW you exactly what you need to do, step by step, not just TELL you and expect you to work it out by yourself. You’ll get all the support you need to turn your passion and expertise as a yoga teacher into a successful yoga business. I hope you enjoy the courses, feel free to say hi and ask for any support you need.