Diana's Door Designs

Four years ago (2013) I developed a disabling condition. My doctor and family encouraged me to find something to spend my time on. I never considered myself a creative person, my mother, daughter and granddaughter got that. My granddaughter is the most creative person I know. As I have been doing things with her, watching lots of You Tube videos and cruising Pinterest, I discovered a love for wreaths. It started out with helping my daughter make Christmas ornament wreaths that she would make for friends at the hospital she works at. I decided I wanted to continue and expand upon that and it's a craft that I can do from bed, but my you should see my bed. I wake up covered in glitter often. It took some trial and error, more You Tube videos, and asking lots of questions from groups I found on Facebook, but I finally got it. I didn't have to have a picture, I could make my own interpretation, I started having my own ideas, Now making wreaths is not just my therapy, it's become my passion. I like to push boundaries and seek to try new things. I have very eclectic taste and a love of antiques and rustic decor so we have expanded to reclaimed, repurposed items. That's going a little slower as I stay busy making wreaths, but keep watching and you will see more of that soon. Please take a minute to look through our store. And check back often as I add additional unique items.