Desislava Dobreva - The Branding Queen

You wanna read my story. I wanna sell you stuff. That's what you're used to, right? Well then, get your affairs in order because this might just give you a heart attack: I don't wanna sell you anything. Well, maybe I do. But first... I want to give you so much value for FREE, that you can barely push through your mind being blown to ask me how you can work with me. If you don't: that's fine with me. I have my clients. As I said, this is not about selling you stuff. This is about YOU taking control of your future... starting with your brand. My name is Desislava & I'm a location-independent business owner & live stream fanatic. I've build a brand with 40 000+ followers on social media and I spend my days teaching others how to get visible... and gain the confidence to share their own message. I'm also an international speaker - and not just because it sounds cool. Well, partly because it sounds cool. I just feel best when I'm speaking to as many people as possible and impacting their lives. Leaving Bulgaria - the poorest country in the EU - and building a business abroad has been tough. But thank God I did it, or otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. That would be a shame, right? Wanna chat? Shoot me a message.