Debbie O Mewes - Million Dollar Goddess

Author, international psychic and spiritual medium, retreat and workshop facilitator, constant creator, lover of life, and Mum. Debbie has worked professionally as a psychic and medium for over 18 years and her client base stretches across the globe. Known for her amazing accuracy, and her ability to connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World, she has a gentle, warm, and funny delivery on stage that captivates her audience. Debbie has a passion for teaching and watching the abilities in others unfold under her gentle guidance, as she inspires and imparts her knowledge freely. She regularly conducts various retreats and workshops and hosts notable guest psychics and mediums from across the world at her 'Universal Cottage' Spiritual Sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast. Debbie's private one-on-one sessions leave her clients with a new paradigm and inspired confidence in their own direction; also the knowledge that their loved ones are still around them and still involved in their lives. Recently Debbie was one of the top five finalists for the Project 200 Awards for women who inspire, impact and influence others. Debbie is also the author of top selling autobiography “The Reluctant Psychic”.