Danielle Prestejohn

I'm Danielle, and it's really nice to meet you. You maybe stumbled across my page randomly so I wanted to give you more of an idea of who I am! ⠀ I’m a girl on a mission to help other women feel amazing in their own skin, and live a life they’ve always dreamed of. ⠀ Whether you’re looking to change your body, career, or make a major life overhaul, it is my passion to share with you, what my team and I have to done create our very own lives by design. ⠀ Since overcoming an eating disorder, anxiety, and body image issues, feeling strong, confident, and healthy in my own skin is my top priority, along with teaching other women to do the same. ⠀ I focus on balanced nutrition, fun workouts, and surrounding myself with positivity. ⠀ I hope you’ll stick around and come back. If you connect with my passions, my story, or me, please feel free to REACH out, I’d love to learn more about you! ⠀ Feel free to send me a friend request at http://facebook.com/danielle.prestejohn, click "FOLLOW" OR send me a private message HERE on Facebook or on my website: http://danielleprestejohn.com/ xo Danielle