Daiwa Australia

More than 50 years after its establishment in 1958, Daiwa is rising to the challenge of remaining the world leader in fishing tackle. It is over 50 years since Daiwa’s establishment in 1958, now is the time to change & challenge for the next 50 years as the leading company of fishing Worldwide. Our aim is to make the most technically advanced fishing equipment on the planet. Daiwa design and manufacturing excellence will continue to exceed expectations, setting the industry benchmark that others seek to match. Daiwa founder Yoshio Matsui an avid angler with a vision; create the finest quality fishing tackle available. His philosophy became reality and Daiwa was established. He passionately believed that the combination of design, innovation and high quality craftsmanship would establish the name Daiwa as offering the very best in fishing tackle. Today millions of anglers worldwide enjoy fishing with Daiwa. Many have realized their angling dreams courtesy of the design principles, innovation and quality instilled in all things Daiwa by Yoshio Matsu. Daiwa’s strong history of innovation has reshaped the face of today’s fishing tackle and is the foundation from which we will continue with renewed vigor. Daiwa’s innovation will continue to produce world-class tackle that will change the function and style of tackle in the future. The impact of Daiwa’s innovation can be seen in virtually any fishing tackle made today. With our new desire to exceed expectations, Daiwa is proud to announce its new look; a new logo, brand mark and slogan. ’Vector Daiwa’ is the new logo. A straight and angular typeface, it represents the precision of Daiwa’s Japanese technology and our forward thinking. ‘D-VEC’, is the new brand mark, developed with the concept of ‘innovative vectors’ in mind. It derives its D from Daiwa and reflects the challenge of pursuing original thinking and innovative design. “challenge”, “originality” and “innovation” as well as the direction Daiwa should take to spread the joy of fishing Worldwide. ‘Feel Alive’ is the new slogan, expressing the joy that fishing brings and the harmonious connection anglers feel with nature and an active outdoor lifestyle. Daiwa recognizes the communities’ growing concern for the environment and healthy living. We encourage interaction with nature in sustainable ways so that our children can experience what we have today. So many of us have fond memories of fishing as youngsters and it is vital we provide the next generation the same opportunity. Daiwa wants everyone to connect with the great outdoors and feel in harmony with nature through their five senses. Watching beautiful sunsets, listening to the sounds of breaking waves, smelling Eucalypts on the banks of a river, holding a new fish or tasting a seafood meal. To help you on your fishing journey Daiwa caters for weekend hobby anglers or those for whom fishing is a lifelong passion.