We deliver cakes all across Lahore. You can order from anywhere on our Online Shop at We love to make cakes for all occasions whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or corporate events. We offer a beautiful selection of decorated, personalized celebration cakes for any occasion. Each cake is designed and decorated to your specifications and any design detail or color can be adapted to compliment your party theme and can be made in single or multiple tiers. Note: You need to confirm the order two days ahead of time, so we can get the things rolling. Minimum order is for 3 pounds and we give FREE home delivery o all our cakes, currently in Lahore only. Please Note: We use real butter and pure ingredients in our cakes, our frostings are in 100% butter and fresh, while the sugar-paste is home-made. And we weigh the cake with all the details and figures, this makes our cakes heavier than the usual store-bought cakes. 2. We deal with all kinds of weights, sizes and shapes of cakes, so we don't have cake boxes for all such customized cakes. Some cakes go in boxes while other are neatly packed in transparent packing or net, so please don't ask the delivery boy about packing details. 3, Let me repeat this again, we weigh our cake with all it's details and designing. Thank you for your time. Please book a heavier cake next time :p For flavors, you may visit our website or give me a call or e-mail me at Jazak Allah!