Crystal Image Paper Marketing Corporation

Crystal Image Paper Marketing Corporation We offer personalized digital printing business and packages. For your personalized printing projects on t shirt, mugs, pillow, slippers, photo rock, puzzle and cellphone case, we have machines that can help you. These are Heat press machine, cutter plotter, 3D sublimation machine, mugpress, plate press, cap press, 6 in 1 heat press machine, button pin and Silk screen machine. We also have consumables for these machines such as Dark/Light Transfer paper, inks, Decal paper, Photo sticker, Printable sticker, Bond paper, Photo paper, Transparent sticker, Calling card paper, Sublimation paper, Laminating film, Glass Clock, Crystal Frame, Plate, Ceramic tiles, Mesh cap, lanyard, mini t-shirt, pillow, Round Fan, Mouse pad, Frosted/Clear mugs, Frosted/Clear beermug, Inner color mug, Magic mug, Full color mug, Sports bottle, kiddie tumbler, starbucks sexy tumbler, Travel mug, cola jug, planner, patches, Metal sheet, power bank, keychain, backpack, lunchbag, magnetic puzzle, ID card holder and many more.