Cryo 180

Sports recovery and general wellness can be obtained with a healthy and active lifestyle, but with aging comes a natural depletion in your body's ability to recover and mobility. At The Phit Studio we offer Cryotherapy, Jade Infrared Therapy, Ki-Hara Stretching, Thaimashiatsu (mashing) and personal training. Cryotherapy is rapidly replacing ice baths across the fitness and recovery grid. Used for joint repair, collagen production and the stimulation of blood flow which helps the body's endorphins, natural detox capability and energy. Cryotherapy is a common sports recovery therapy, but is used in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Migraines and can even be used to cure that pesky hangover! Jade Infrared Therapy is a great way to help new moms get that pre-baby body back!Where most saunas heat the body from the outside, infrared technology uses a different frequency, making the session much more relaxing without the dread of dehydration. Jade Infrared therapies, reduce body toxicity, can be used to treat arthritis and stiffness as well as chronic fatigue. Ask your Phit Studio consulant about Ki-Hara stretching and Personal Training. The Phit Studio also offers group classes, ask now about your team or groups wellness options! Your body is the only one that you have, how's it feeling?