Julie Burke

I always say that I’m just a Mom that realized my life didn’t have stop when I started having children. I actually became more ambitious, more curious and felt compelled to drive extra income into our home. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a profitable career on my terms. The course of my life has complete changed, and I still question “how did I get here?” I will take you back. After graduating high school, I immediately started my career in the Corporate world. After 5 years of going through the motions and running the daily grind, I became miserable. Even though I was making a great income I felt so empty, unfulfilled and completely uninspired. I wasn’t making an impact and felt zero passion about my day-to-day life. I retired at 23 years old and promised myself I would never see cubicle nation again. I then became a Traditional Business Owner and invested a whole LOT of money into a franchise at 23 years old thinking that was my golden ticket. Boy was I mistaken. In the long run I basically purchased myself a very expensive job. After 8 grueling years of working long hours, experiencing gut wrenching stress and a crisis of feeling like a prisoner, I was able to sell my business. My husband and I immediately started our family, and I became a stay-at-home Mom which is exactly what I wanted. However, after 12 months I started to feel that itch again. I was missing my drive, my ambitious side and the ability to create my own income was chipping away at me. I went from feeling confused to feeling inspired that I didn’t need to choose, “why couldn’t I have the best of both worlds” and that’s when the course of our financial blueprint changed forever. I finally found a better way. On this webinar, I share with you exactly how I created my dream business that has offered us total freedom and the ability to design the life I want, around my family where we are able to travel anywhere we want and live debt free. I work with amazing people from all over the world and have been able to live life making contributions. My hope, as you watch this webinar, is that you realize YOU too can blaze your path to freedom. You no longer have to wait to live the life you desire. My goal is to open your mind and expand your thoughts to what’s possible. Offer you a vision for your future and show you that you are meant for something big. Life doesn’t need to be a constant struggle. So click below to watch my FREE Webinar and choose a path that lights you up, excites you and one where you can choose YOUR journey... a journey where YOU get to decide how to design your own day, your own week, your own life. See you inside! http://createsuccesswithjulie.com/ Julie xx