Crazy Good Eats

Steer Crazy BBQ is an accomplished BBQ team from Olathe KS, who has won numerous awards, including two Grand Championships! After years of being asked, “How can I get some?” we are now offering our crazy good flavors through Crazy Good Eats. Crazy Good Eats is a spin off of our competition BBQ Team, Steer Crazy BBQ. We offer our award winning competition chicken, pulled pork, brisket and ribs. We also make homemade sausage and specialize in Fresh Jalapeno Chedder Brat, Chicken Feta Spinach, Breakfast Sausage, Pepper Jack and Original Bratwurst. We're always experimenting with new and exciting flavors to feature. More sausages coming soon! Everything is prepared, cooked and served the same way we would present to a certified KCBS BBQ judge at a BBQ Competition. It's an extra step in the process but we feel the ending result is what makes us stand out from the crowd and makes our BBQ Crazy Good! Partners in Crazy Good Eats Dan Isbell, and Maggie B Lemay