Cornerstone Skin

My journey toward achieving healthy hair growth started during my college day. My hair was extremely thick and I would manage it by having my hair chemically straightened, but only every 4-6 months. While in college, I stumbled across a forum where women were sharing ideas, tips, and advice on how to grow strong, healthy hair. It was then that my love for healthy hair care increased significantly as I began to adopt some of the healthier practices into my own hair care routine. During that time, I learned so much about hair oils, using essential oils for hair loss and regrowth, herbal and Ayurveda herbs for hair, and which products would help my hair to flourish and grow healthy, long, and strong. But it took a few years before I truly began to implement all of the healthy hair practices into my own hair care regimen. When I did, my hair began to flourish and it grew beautifully. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I put my hair care regimen on the back burner. Mommy duties became my first priority and I just didn’t have the time or the effort to put into my hair like I had in the past. I ended up big chopping 3 times and in between I wore my hair chemically straightened. I decided to go for a new look and wore my hair in a cute Halle Berry inspired pixie cut. Although the cut was short, it required more maintenance and of course more frequent relaxing in order to keep the style up, every four weeks to be exact. This caused havoc on my hair and scalp. My scalp really began to suffer and my hair began thinning and shedding drastically. I also noticed that my scalp was flaking from the frequent chemicals. I knew at this point it was time for me to do something and fast! My hair had become so fragile and I decided to cut it all off and start all over- again. This time I would be sure to use all-natural and Ayurvedic herbs for my hair because these were the products that helped me to achieve thick, healthy growing hair in the past. Today, my hair has grown stronger and thicker as a result of using Ayurveda for hair regrowth. My scalp is healthier and hydrated. No more itchy, dry and flaking scalp and I’m much happier about the condition of my hair. Of course, I had to share my experiences with using Ayurvedic herbs and how it affected my hair growth with others who may be experiencing the same hair and scalp issues. The Thicker Power Hair Pack contains essential Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients to help you achieve longer, stronger, and healthier hair. This blend of Ayurvedic herbs has really changed the health of my scalp and hair and it will definitely change yours as well!