Core9 Fitness

Core9 is the smarter way to workout because it’s designed to help busy people achieve more. Our conditioning workouts are innovative, flexible and efficient. They draw upon elite-level training techniques, to improve your fitness and give you the energy, enthusiasm and confidence to live a life that’s filled with adventure. WHY CORE9 Our lives are busier and more inactive than ever before. We juggle a myriad of responsibilities: careers, kids, family, households, friends, and social activity (not to mention the quiet moments we now cram with smartphone activity). We are simply forced to prioritise our lives and often our own health and fitness is too far down the list for sustainable physical development. It requires too much motivation, commitment, cost and time. Plus having to overcome the personal guilt of taking time out for ourselves, when there is always something else we could or should be doing. Core9 is not just an out of the box gym or health club but is in itself a fitness regime combining gymnastics exercises, kickboxing fundamentals and military training techniques. All specifically designed with our individual clients’ needs in mind. Removing the barriers of class times, lengthy training times and personal training expense, it offers people of all fitness levels the most efficient, effective and personalised way to challenge themselves, enhance their health, and become greater each day. A well rounded fitness program will improve an individual in all aspects of fitness, rather than one, such as only cardio endurance or only weight training.