Will Irish

Facebook is without question the most brilliant platform ever created that is successfully connecting the world, one person at a time. What's most fascinating to me is their willingness to serve the end user experience with excellence, while allowing genuine businesses unparalleled access to connect with their customers. The Facebook Ad platform is an amazing combination of leveraging big (and quite accurate) data to reach your prospects and customers socially. As a certified coach who has been using Facebook Ads since 2007, I help entrepreneurs understand how to create relevant stories for their advertising. It's imperative to understand that your market is on Facebook with social intentions. They are seeking to discover, not to be pitched. I teach first and foremost that businesses should view Facebook Ads in a way that they create value, not ads. Throughout my coaching thousands of entrepreneurs, I've found that as soon as they think in terms of "ads" they hold to traditional, hype-filled, sales pitches, which not only are largely undesired by Facebook users, but they are ineffective. One area that causes a lot of confusion is the speed of change surrounding Facebook ads, so to serve my community who wish to stay on top of the latest updates, and strategies, I publish a monthly premium newsletter at http://www.fbinsidersreport.com Create value, not ads. Let people discover, don't pitch, and most of all, learn about the amazing "control panel" that Facebook gives you free access to, so you can run effective ad campaigns. If I can serve you in any way to understand the value Facebook has created to grow your business, I'd be honored to serve you. You can find my coaching services at http://www.clarity.fm/willirish where I share proceeds from my coaching fees to provide to a charity to feed & shelter the homeless. If you're interested in staying in touch with my work, please consider Liking this page, and never hesitate from dropping me a message. All the best! Will Irish Author & Founder