Courtney Hackman

Fellow Entrepreneurs! I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 5 years, and I’m super proud of that! But I’ve also noticed that there’s a self-imposed wall that it puts up. You wake up in the morning, fix breakfast, drive your kids to school, shop for groceries, and help your kids with their homework so you don’t get called into any parent-teacher conferences. And maybe if you are lucky you can sneak in a guilty pleasure or two of Keeping up with the Kardashians or Housewives of Beverly Hills. That’s what my life was… I never felt like I had time to do anything else or that I had the ability to, because I needed to be the one at home taking care of the kids. One morning, I was sitting at home drinking my latte. All was quiet because my older two were at school and my youngest was still sleeping. I found myself asking: “Is this all I’m going to do in my life? Make meals, grocery shop and doing bath time! Those tasks are so important but deep down I knew there was more that I could be doing in my life. I was destined to make a bigger impact, and to open my kid’s eyes to what’s really possible in life if you work at it. However, I didn’t want to sacrifice a minute of the precious time I have with my kids while they are at this special age and so impressionable. I read books, magazines, blogs, and newspapers… I searched, and I searched, but I found nothing that would realistically allow me to make an impact while being the best mother I possibly could be. One day, I went to open our mailbox and my heart immediately dropped because I knew what it was. I could feel my stomach start to churn on the inside. It was the next set of bills for my 6-year-old son. He has some special needs that our an extra cost for our family. I knew, in that very moment, that I had to do something. I didn’t know what, but I had to do something. You may even be feeling that way right now as you are reading my story. Let me put a disclaimer on what I’m about to say next…I had never started my own business before, or been self-employed… But I knew I had to find a way to help support my family and still being able to make breakfast, drive the kids to school, and help them with their homework. So, when my first check came in the mail! You should have seen the look on my husband’s face… He was absolutely stunned! Even my kids could notice something new in the way I held myself. I was just happier and I was so much more confident. I was a little more like the woman I was when I married my husband! That’s when I realized that stay at home moms… you and I… WOMEN…have the power to take back control of our financial lives and accomplish feats we never thought possible because we were told we couldn’t. When I hear stories and go on blogs and hear about how women feel like they need to ask permission to go to the mall, all because they feel the same guilt that I felt since I wasn’t making any money, it pains me. I wanted to create a community where we can support one another as we achieve success, gain back more confidence and have more self worth and value for ourselves. Drop me a note and tell me your story if you would like. -Courtney