Club Pilates

Our Elk Grove Studio opened January of 2017 and we have loved every minute of it.. We are located in the Sprout's Shopping Center between Corner Bakery and Free Birds. Club Pilates provides classes designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone a person’s entire body safely and quickly. Classes are all based on the fundamentals of Pilates (postural alignment, breathing, flexibility, controlled movement, precision, and strong core) We offer more classes then normal Pilates studios.. Starting w/ 35 classes per week and build up to 70+ as our members grow in ability level and number. We offer the widest array of Pilates classes anywhere. Our location will have 9 formats on its schedule. Cardio Sculpt, TRX, CP Reformer, Trigger Point are examples. We offer four different levels from beginner to advanced that challenge people at every level. Our brand new state of the art equipment goes beyond standard Pilates reformers. Club Pilates incorporates tools and techniques from TRX, Trigger Point, and Barre to keep our members engaged, challenged, and inspired on their fitness journey. We offer the best value in Pilates with unexpectedly low prices that allow clients to dedicate themselves to Pilates for life. Our membership packages are based on the needs/goals of our members. With small, medium, and large packages based on the number of times per week our members want/need to attend to achieve their fitness goals. Attend one of our Free Demo Classes so you can experience what we are all about.