ClassFit is a hybrid online and on-site personal training business for grade school teachers around the world. The mission of ClassFit is is to create a community of educators who, through health and fitness, will learn to put themselves first so that they can become the best possible role models and teachers for their students. Strong Teachers, Strong Leaders (STSL) is a completely free 28 day transformation program held by ClassFit. STSL is a health movement that will expand to touching the lives of students in the most inspirational and impactful way. Teachers and school faculty will be able to support each other not only in their fitness journeys, but also in the school setting. They will be able to share experiences, ask and give advice, generate discussions, and encourage each other to strive to become the most influential teachers and administrators their students have ever had - all while becoming healthier versions of themselves. We've all heard it before: "you can't pour from an empty cup." As a school employee, there is an ongoing expectation and duty to take care of your students and do whatever you can to inspire them to succeed; sometimes, however, this stress affects your own mental, physical, and emotional health. By learning how to be compassionate with yourself and take care of your own body and mind, you will be more energetic, become a more viable leader, and be better able to help each of your students instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed. Our children are our future and teachers hold the power to inspire them daily! May we never forget that. *If you are a grade school teacher or administrator and you are interested in joining my free challenge to learn how YOU can become your best self, please fill out my short application so we can change the world, together.*