Churchtown Institute of Beauty & Holistic Training

The Churchtown Instutitute of Beauty & Holistic Therapy provide a comprehensive range of educational training courses from their Dublin location. Specialising in providing a Full & Part Time Beauty Courses, as well as Hairdressing Courses, CIBHT have a variety of experienced and professional tutors who are ready to help kick start your career in these booming industries. We are also very proud to offer a range of courses within a variety of sectors from Sports massage to Aromatherapy. We are located in CMG House at the Earlscourt Industrial Estate on Beaumount Avenue in Churchtown, Dublin. Tuition at CIBHT is affordable and payment plans are available. Whether you are in transition year, just finishing school, looking for a new career or if you want to study for something you’ve always wanted to do, we have the course for you.