Chumba Concept Salons

We celebrate our ancient craft of Haircutting, Colouring and Styling and celebrate it's lessons daily. Our Tribe, both stylists and clients are encouraged to explore their Individual Look and Style within our Salons. As we all must strive to change and Evolve and so too does our Self-interpretation of One. So too does our Outward Reflection of Style Evolve. Within Chumba we reach for unlimited heights and freedoms in our Expression of Your Style. We strive to execute Perfect Technique coupled with an Unique Vision for You, the Individual, to produce an unparalleled Personal Design Experience. Twenty First Century hair is no longer just about long or short; straight or curly; Blonde or brown; it’s all about the expression of the Individual and of that Individual's Uniqueness in this time. Shape, Form, Hue, Contrast, Texture and Gesture all combine with your Stylists talent to express to the World an Individual Interpretation of Oneself.