Chicago's Taste Authority

Chris and Rob claim to have the only "authentic Chicago style food in the Twin Cities. The proof is in the fact that most of their ingredients come directly from Chicago. As a result, Chicago transplants consistently drive from all over the Twin Cities to eat the food they're accustomed to; some drive over 20 miles at least once a week to taste a real poppy seed bun and glowing green relish, that they refer to as "nuclear relish". Chris and Rob's is the largest Chicago hot dog seller in Minnesota. They sell 1,200 hot dogs a week, 2,000 pickles, 8 gallons of nuclear relish, and 1,000 pounds of roast beef in their Cheesy Beef sandwiches per month. Their food is repeatedly featured in newspapers and on radio and television. In 2005, City Pages voted them as "The Best hot dog in the Twin Cities." We hope you feel welcome and among friends at Chris and Rob's and we hope you enjoy taking a bite out of Chicago!