Charm's Cakes and Cupcakes

At home, we call our business as C3, sounds a like a robot, or a name of a road, but obviously its stands for Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes. For us, C3 is our source of happiness. A kind of project that aside from the financial benefits we can get, it also provide us fulfillment, recognition, an overall source of happiness. C3 is a family run business. It involves everyone in our family for a single cake to be delivered. From the sourcing of ingredients and materials, baking, decorating, packaging and delivery. Each step requires absolute coordination and communication in order for us to bring the best out of each product. I’ll leave to your imagination how much love, passion, and bonding was put in every cakes and cupcake we sell. Sweetness, thoughtfulness, caring, special, and love these are the words that our brand is sending. We would be touched if our customers will a have a recall to these words for each slice of their cakes. How it started The C3 idea was not planned to be put in business in the beginning. It was December of 2015 when Charmaine buys an oven. She wanted to bake a cake but not for selling, only for her family's consumption. She wanted to learn how to bake a cake for only one purpose, to bake a chocolate cake for her son, Isaac. Her then four-year-old son is known for being too picky. But the boy loves cakes, chocolate cakes in particular. Just like any mothers, Charmaine wants to give Isaac a treat of chocolate cake from time to time. That’s the part where her motivation to learn to bake begins. Three months later, came March. There has been no single cake ever baked in that oven. It was just there right next to the fridge collecting dust. Two weeks more has past on the same month, and Charmaine finally gave it a try to bake a cake. She goes straight away baking a chocolate cake. With just handful of knowledge on baking some googling and youtubing, she gets finally gets a recipe to follow. The first cake was a success. Success here means, she didn’t burn it that much. It didn’t taste that great but more than enough to have a good afternoon merienda. Partnered with a coffee, her husband was able to get along. Unfortunately, her son didn't enjoy it that much. But that’s okay, she’s was motivated more than ever to improve her baking skills. The Aha moment One day, she tried cupcakes. A couple of trays were thrown into the oven. The outcome was very pleasant. Her family enjoyed it. A single post in her facebook sharing her firsts set of cupcakes caught a few attention from her friends. They love how the cupcakes were presented. One friend asks if she can make a set of 24 pcs for her daughter. That's or very first order. Her husband, Mak was convinced of her talent. So he pulls a secret marketing campaign, set up a facebook page and throws in some content. He didn’t want Charmaine to know because initially Charmaine is very hesitant to start selling right away. The campaign work effortlessly, primarily because her work is really beautiful. A wave on inquiries came toward our contact channels. Phones, SMS, chat messages were flooded with people wanting to learn more about the product. That’s when we know we hit something big here. That’s our aha moment. The goal Our business might be small, but that doesn't prevent to dream big. We wanted to be number one provider of delicious and beautiful customized fondant cakes in Metro Manila. Number one on taste, design and customer satisfaction. That’s the ultimate goal. C3 in the future We see ourselves fulfilling our dream of putting up a cake shop in every city in Metro Manila. Reaching more customers and being part of the celebration of more Filipino families. In 2017, we are aiming for 30 Orders per month. Thank you for reading our story. We do hope that this page has given you enough glimpse of the true business nature and discipline of C3, the people behind the brand and the product that we sell.