Charlie Rose Creations

Welcome to Charlie Rose Creations! We offer unique and quality gifts for any occasion, and we would love to create a custom order just for you. Charlie Rose Creations' Policies *Processing Time - Our custom painted or glitter dipped tumblers have a typical processing time of 7-14 BUSINESS days. We love creating these tumblers; however, they do a while to complete and the curing time on the epoxy finish is 48 hours. Some cups require multiple epoxy coats which lengthens the processing time. Our goal is to always get your tumblers to you as soon as possible! - Most other items (decals, shirts, kids items, etc.) have a processing time of 3-5 BUSINESS days. - Wood signs, especially personalized wood signs, have a processing time of 7-14 BUSINESS days depending on the sign size and detail. If you are unsure of the processing time on a specific item, please message us to receive an accurate time frame based on our current work load. *Payment Options - We only accept payment through PayPal at this time. PayPal protects both the seller and the buyer. Paying through PayPal insures that you receive your product as it's listed on the invoice, and that I receive payment for my work. *Returns and Exchanges - I do not accept cancellations; however, please contact me if there are any problems with your order. - I do not accept returns on customized or personalized orders, perishable products (like food or flowers), or items on sale. *Imperfections - Our goal is to provide the BEST possible product to all of our customers. Each cup is personally inspected before we package them for pickup or shipping; however, please remember that these cups are handmade. There may possibly be slight imperfections that come with buying a handmade item. We are not a factory so we cannot claim perfection 100% of the time; however, this is always our goal. Frequently Asked Questions: *When can I expect my item? Our turn around time varies, but usually within 1-2 weeks. *I need this gift by this date, can I get it then? As long as you give us approximately 1 week and are willing to pay a rush fee based on the amount of orders ahead of yours. *Is your vinyl monogram or decals sealed? YES!! All of our decals are sealed under a smooth layer of epoxy to ensure the vinyl cannot be felt and will remain permanent. If you don't wish to have your decal permanent, please state that when ordering. It is part of our process to seal ALL vinyl. *Why Charlie Rose Creations, compared to others? We focus on providing a HIGH quality product that will last. We also strive to have the best costumer service. *What is special about your glitter tumblers? We have worked so hard to perfect our clearing process to ensure that there are no sags, bubbles or bumps. Our vinyl doesn't appear bumpy and is embedded into our clear epoxy coating to provide a super smooth cup for every day use. * What about your painted cups? Our painted cups are also coated in an FDA approved food safe epoxy. This provides a smooth clear, almost glass like, coat to the outside of your cup. The vinyl is embedded in the clear to provided the smoothest surface possible. The epoxy also ensures that your cup will last for years to come. Please contact us with any questions you may have by messaging us on Facebook or emailing us at We truly appreciate all of your support!!