How did Chalkworx happen? Rolan and I have been married for nearly 20 years and throughout all of that time, Rolan has been drawing for pleasure as well as in various jobs and at University. In 2013, just before the birth of our 4th child, Rolan took a break from the creative industries and choose to work for a while within the care industry. It was while Rolan was in the care industry that I spotted something on Facebook, messaged it to Rolan and said "Can you do this for me?" It was simply a picture a I wanted drawn of my Grandfather, who died just after Rolan and I met, alongside our Eldest son, whom my grandfather had never met. Rolan replied 'Yeah, I can do that,' and Chalkworx was born! We originally posted in some local facebook groups to see if there would be any interest. Once we posted the first portrait Rolan had done for someone, we found ourselves inundated with requests to draw pets! Our first pet portrait went up on facebook and gained over 600 likes in just one group! This lead to our main focus is being on Pet Portraits, but Rolan does, and has, drawn people and will continue to do so. We created a pricing list that meant there were lots of options and choices and it is budget friendly. We regularly run competitions on our facebook page and pick our winners via live videos which is something we really enjoy doing! Feel free to drop us a message, where you will chat to me rather than Rolan - I have him chained to his drawing desk :-) ) Thanks for reading, Collette aka Mrs Chalkworx (I still haven't got that first portrait drawn!! :-) )