CFS Health

CFS Health was just a dream... After suffering CFS himself as a teenager and eventually recovering some 4 years later with little help from the medical field. Toby Morrison (soon to be the founder of CFS Health) knew something had to be done in the world to properly help people with M.E/CFS. With the lack of understanding and awareness in the community and practical help at hand. Morrison developed a Step-by-step CFS recovery protocol that was reviewed by a number of leading doctors in the field of M.E/CFS treatment and recovery. After initial examination, doctors were impressed with the way Morrison handled his clients CFS treatment and recovery, in particular Dr Lionel Lubitz of the Royal Children's Hospital, wrote the forward to Morrisons' first book - where he stated the approach Morrison had developed was a "practical, safe yet effective approach that is quite often successful" The feedback from both his clients AND their medical doctors was enough motivator from Morrison to pursue his dream - to change the M.E/CFS world forever in a positive way. The Opening of Australia's first CFS Health Centre In 2009, The CFS Health Centre was born and was the first centre solely dedicated to helping people with ME/CFS. Toby Morrison and his initial client base were proof that it was possible to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So Morrison started helping people one on one, full time. Within a year of setting up the centre and running the CFS treatment and recovery program. With success from each patient word of mouth spread, he was consulting more then 50 people per week, of all ages with similar problems. They all had M.E/CFS but had no idea what to do or how to improve. His work spread nationally and people would fly from one side of the country to the other to meet with him. He soon became the face of CFS as he was an inspiration to other sufferers, a light at the end of the tunnel, that they could also improve and recover from a recognised CFS treatment plan. After seeing over 1000 individual patients within 3 years of practice, Morrison’s dream for CFS health became international setting up a worldwide program for anyone anywhere looking for a CFS treatment and recovery program. After being flown to other countries to help clients in Europe and USA to help patients with their recovery. He realised with the lack of support and help worldwide, something had to be done. Morrison dedicated 6 months on producing the worlds first Online Recovery Program which is currently being used in over 40 countries and inspiring thousands to better health week in week out. As the years have gone on CFS health has expanded from a one man show, to a team of dedicated CFS health coaches who have all overcame CFS through the program and now dedicate their time professionally to help other’s with M.E/CFS. "You see in my eyes, people need practical help and let's face it doctors haven't had the the training and most do not have the time to give specific help for ones recovery plan. Because M.E/CFS has so many complexities a multi faceted approach is needed. It's not as easy as saying, sleep better, drink more water, eat better food and go for a daily walk. This is where CFS Health steps in and can make a huge difference to ones recovery. CFS doesn't have to be a life sentence, CFS in our eyes stands fro Choice, Future, Success. Giving patients Hope, Empathy/Understanding, Supportive Community, Education/Knowledge, Inspiration and Direction. With our online recovery program helping people in 40 countries, we know it is possible to improve and recover from CFS and Fibromyalgia. We see it every week.." Toby Morrison