Online Revolution -Shop+Earn

Planet Mobile Business Club is a grocery and franchising business in which the marketing tool that has been used was networking and through that beside direct selling there were still 9 ways of earning because of the company's unique system that can provide members not only as product shoppers but also an earning consumers for the reason that aside for having points value that are convertible to cash every item that they buy the company has given them also the opportunity to be an earning consumer, distributor, networker and investor. About the membership fee that for you is higher than an ordinary supermarket P9,888-P49k, the value itself provide us the opportunity to franchise all the hubs of planet mobile nationwide and Dubai with no operational expenses that we maintain because we only pay one time with a lifetime income. And not only that since the company was our marketing arm to franchise all outlets of Jollibee and LBC nationwide without spending millions even those big time companies like pepsi, globe, kopiko, universal canning, natures spring and so on and so forth. Through that investment we were able to franchise and they became our business partner because of planet mobile business club without them asking us warehouses, delivery trucks and manpower like pepsi... The concept of this business is to look for membership shoppers that whenever they buy and purchase their own groceries they can earn cash rebates and whenever those people they have refer in the company and join as well they still get paid We recruit because we are referring people through word of mouth and share them the opportunity that planet mobile business club will give them the opportunity to be an earning consumers not like in an ordinary supermarkets that we can only have points value that are convertible into items only. Here in planet mobile 1 point is 1 peso it was rather a cash basis unlike from other leading supermarkets. At least here in planet mobile we refer people to shop in the company recognized our referral system that can be able to gave them loyal based customers that is why in exchange of that the company provide us bonuses and create a bond of having a give and take relationship between the members and the company. For so many times we refer people to other leading supermarkets like SM but never in our lives that Henry Sy recognized us and given us discounts and bonuses and even the privilege to become his business partner but i am proud to say that planet mobile has given us members all that opportunities that sm, gaisano, robinson, prince warehouse, fooda, metro never ever given us throughout our lives for being a loyal based customers on that long years. I hope that I have given you the exact idea and purpose why planet mobile was more in recruiting than in direct selling because of the concept it provides to all members. And those cash rebates from all the items and groceries purchased both by us members and from the people that we refer those will provide soon as our lifetime income. Because we stands in our vision to create business to every Filipino household and build better lives!