CBD Asylum

Virtutum - Latin meaning virtue, virtue being described as 'behaviour showing high moral standards'. This is the ethic by which we operate here at Virtutum Limited - UK and worldwide importers, exporters and manufacturers of raw cbd isolate, cbd eliquids and other cbd related products. Here at Virtutum Limited, we provide a wide range of services using our ultra pure cannabidiol isolate sourced from some of the world's top hemp growers and purifiers. We are constantly developing new Cannabidiol products, our mission is to provide a route of administration that suits everybody so this magnificent compound can be enjoyed by all. All our Cannabidiol products undergo full analysis to establish they are THC free and to make sure they attain the high level of purity needed to satisfy our high standards. Our products are sold as food supplements and are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any illness, injury or ailments.